Monday, March 21

so malware! u better go away!

haa.. bukan monster ye tuh.. ehehe.. hi semua! assalamualaikum, ape kabo? :)

even though lame tak update, sometimes i did open my blog to check on things or bloghopping
without leaving any trace.. i dunno why, i stopped having this eagerness to update my blog.. maybe these are some of the reasons:

  • managing 2 academic blogs and a google site last semester make me kinda wanna puke when i open my own blog.. urghh people said too many of something will make u sick right.. i guess that's so damn right! baca kisah2 gembira n funny is much2 different then reading something academic to write 10 good academic comments after that.

  • new addictions to games, and watching movies.. haha, i have these new hobbies of watching Grey's Anatomy (abes 7 season okkay), CSI, CSI:NY.. and right now I'm watching pokemon online.~! yeahh.. so those days when i got nothing to do and update blog is kinda over.. cause when i got nothing to do i watch something online.. ;p

  • workloads.. yeah right~ since when i'm a nerd finishing every assignments i have on time.. *puke* no i didn't.. but apparently without even trying to finish everything on time, doing everything in the last minutes, i still find myself stuck with every assignments dat i have.. douche!
However, yesterday i login to my blogspot, an d suddenly this malware alert comes out. and i was like what thee.....

you see, even though i didn't update doesn't mean i'm closing my blog.. i love my blog.. it's been a good friend of mine where i can write anything i want. it can be my very own diary where i can smile everytime i look back at it someday..who knows someday that eagerness comes back and i'll be updating every now and malware! u better go away n leave my blog alone!

thank God the malware thing is fixed.. thanks to Farah Cuna for telling me how to fix this.. now #kucendcatissmilingagain..

till we met again.... someday...~ ;p

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello all..

this blog in the first place was created just as a hobby where i dump all the chronicles of my thoughts, my memories, my words, my opinions and everything that i would like to share with all my readers..but now there are soo many readers that keep following me..thanx a lot..i appreciate all of you dearly..generally this is just my personal reflection on anything that's happening around me..

hence, if anything that i'd spilled here were offensive to you, do let me know, to err is human right? you can leave or stop reading my blog if you find it not in your interest & i would like to apologize in advance if any contents of this blog are not appeal to you..

i appreciate so much every viewers, silent readers and readers, thanks a lot..keep visiting okkayh..

Lots of ♥♥, me~


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