Tuesday, April 28

entry kosong..~

entry yg kosong...tade motiff ape2 hnya nk berentri sebelum balik cuti..amaran awal.takyah la bc..mmg hnya luahan yg kosong..perasaan yg kosong...rumah sewa yg kosong..hati kosong...kepala kosong..perut pn kosong...hmmm rsa empty sgt...dengar plak lagu Empty Decoration by Indecisive, lagu Empty by The Click 5..adess..ingatkn rasa camni sbb internet problem dri hari sabtu..tpi internet da okkayh pn rasa camni lagi..






nota kaki: esok nk balik kg..cuti 2 minggu..tp tak excited mane pn..nape ni saraaa...?? hmm...owh entry kosong ini mmg nmpak murung..

Friday, April 24


Aha...glad that i'd answer the tags n received the awards..now..moving on to the real entry..ermm just now in the exam..the last 30 minutes, i was bored (da jwb sume soklan..yg tak taw pn cam ala2 nk tembak gitu je..)..suddenly im sleepy like owhh my..did i just swallow a sleeping pill or what..to get over it..then i scribbled on the rough paper given..hohoho im more in crap mode than linguistic mode..like kyox's shouted on his ym status last nite..~ please2,,have a look at his wonderful blog..(pomote cket blog u syg..hehe~) he got all the sweet poems..originally by him taw..always impress with his lines~ Teh Ban Leng jiwang!! hahaha~

here my craps goes~ owhh before that the poem below is ACOUSTIC POEM okkayh..(haha..teringat salah jwb msa quiz song&poetry dulu..acronym poem?? tolongla sara..ehe..)

LOVE is:~

Long lastng when there are loyalty, trust, sincere, give & take..and understanding

Obviously a need for every human being, so its futile to deny it when it comes knocking your heart

Vulnerable at times when problems come, yet, that's the challenge of love..

Eternity when you find the perfect match..

HATE is when:~

He broke your heart into million pieces & you can't really find what went wrong

A guy gave u hopes & u trusted him 200%, do your best to please him yet he still left with unsolid reeason

Tears running down your face for the memories ain't sweet no more and how you wish it never happened

Egoism let you forgive yet hold you to forget and let go the past for once he's a liar, forever he's a liar..~

the one i hate was no more i love..the one i love now..please don't make me hate again..

"tipula klau kate takde kaitan ngan yg hidup atau mati kan..hahaha..sape mkn cili silakan carik air..~ sape pijak bubblegum, sila rasa melekitnye..sape mkn gula sila kurang2kan..kang kna kencing manis plak..hahaha~~"

nota kaki: mesti pelik nape cik sara highlight kn word 'challenge' tu..ahhaa sbb..tak reti transcribe word ni msa exam itula soalan yg ditembak..tp da check tdi..woahhh! tembakan mengena..shuke3..

tagged by cimbelang~

before i forgot..i better pay my debt of tag..ehe thanx ruby si cimbelang for the tagged~..masih kamoo ingt pda akak kn si kucim cumil~~ ehe..ermm the tag is about soulmate n beauty~ saje gedik nk jwb bnyak2..ahaha

1. Adakah anda suka blogging?kenapa?
sure..cause blogging is one of the happiness that i can find in the misery of life..hrmm maybe cause i love to write? hohho

2. Blog siapa yg anda selalu skodeng? Nyatakan 5.
5? i have 60 followers that i appreciate dearly..setiap satu akn diskodeng apabila ada update..ehe

3. Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda ? Yang boleh menyayangi anda sepenuh hati? dan Siapakah org itu ?
who would't..ermm i don't know yet..life is maze..love is a riddle..no answer for the riddle yet

4. Pernah tak cinta anda tidak di balas?
ehe..yuppzyy..but i don't really care..ya la..true love is when u always want the best for that someone whether it includes u or not..yg pnting dye happy~~
5. Ciri2 idaman bf/gf anda? Nyatakan 5
5? owh..i got 50 criteria..hows that? haha

  • ermm bimbingan agama yg bagus..someone that is save to be with in terms of religion..yela, takkn aku plak yg nk bising2 soh pi semayang ke jaga aurat ke ape..i want him to do that to me even i know how to 'take care' of myself..i want him to care for me as well
  • understanding..knows who I am..n never ask me to change just to suit his favour..
  • funny..hoho~yala..why so serious? someone that is fun to be with..know the time to crack jokes n when to be serious..
  • financially stable..what? im being materialistic? owh no..once i find my soulmate, i want to be with him forever..so its better to have someone who afford to have me laaa..kn kn kn..being futuristic ni..i don't want short term relationship meh..
  • finally but the most important to me..he must love me..love my attitude, my personality, figure, my heart, my thoughts, my soul, my everything..in simple words..love me the way I am..~
6. Pada umur berapakah anda merancang untuk berkahwin?
when the time comes..apabila jodoh itu tiba..


Apa produk facial cleanser yg anda guna?
once i used Garnier..yet after the banned of Israel product i stop using it..Garnier is in the list..now? owh i used nothing...just plained water to wash my face..

Kenapa anda memilih produk itu?
whitening product..yeah it has effects mind you..hooho tapi pas da cerah cket tu kna pi PL plak kat pangkor, berpanas segala..owhh mendung balik wajahku cam biasa..huk3

Bagaimanakah anda mula2 mengenali produk itu?
tgk tv..wpun tak shuke Fasha..layanzzz jela..ttba ase nk beli..

Pernahkah menggunakan produk yg memberi side efek kat kulit?Apakah produk itu?
temulawak~ jerawat naek mcm ape je..owhh tidak3..banned trus..

Make up yg digunakan?
campur2..klau eyeliner, blusher, lipstics, eyeshadow mmg pakai silky girl..compact powder dulu guna Maybelline..sgttt bagus woo~ cover all the blemish of the face u know..perfect~ tp kna banned jugak kn..gunala silky girl jugak

Pendapat tentang pemakaian make up?
naturally would be nice..just tanak bgi muka nmpak pucat sgt..if too much..owhh menakowtkannzzz

Pernah dimake up oleh pro? (kedai kosmetik etc.)
afida darling..pro gak tu~ haha..my future mak andam for free..~ kn fida kn..haha

Pernah make up orang?
nope..tak reti

Sukakan set make up camne?
silky girl okkayhla..~ affordable..

nota kaki: owhh why does those words still in black?? ohho changed the font colours oredi..cehh! sile2 la pepandai highlight klau nk baca tu ekk~~

award comel..dri cik moonie n adik ainin

owh..shall i jump up n down since the two tough paper has been answered successfully without bringing any 'toyol' or asking any other 'toyols'? ahaha..one more paper to go on Monday..meanwhile, im proudly want to answer a tagged award given by two wonderful ladies..~ cik moonie
adik ainin

syarat-syarat menerima award ini:

1.Pastikan jantina anda adalah perempuan
2.Copy badge sebagai award anda
3.Nyata 7 sebab kenapa anda bangga menjadi perempuan
4.Pass kan award ini kepada girl-friends anda

7 sebab kenapa saya bangga menjadi perempuan :

  • first & foremost sbb im the only girl in my siblings..slalu sgt bersyukur jadi perempuan apabila abg2 dn adik kna pi cabut rumput ke..kemas stor ke..angkat segala mak nenek barang yg berat gile2 yg mmg nk tergolek klau cik sara angkat..ehe~ i'll be waving them with the cynical face..owh how i love doing that..haha
  • ermm i'm proud to be a girl for that will determine n shape my personality & attitude to be soft, full of courtesy, sensitive n full of love..(aku ade ke sume2 ni? owhho..anggap jela ade kn)a girl can dressed up n have many fashionable clothes..its not that guys cannot be fashionable..yet girls got more choices of skirts, pants, jeans, blouses, t- shirts, tudung n even..ehem3..(owh faham2 ye..kang klau tulis jdi pervert plak entry nih..ahaha)
  • i can put on mak up..i can have all the jewelleries, all the clothes, shoes, bags my mom owns..haha (sah2laa..takkn abg2 nk pakai pulak kn..ohho pelik sgt nti~)

  • sile2..'ladies first'..owh i love this statement n so proud to be a lady then..haha but in certain circumstances only lorr~ like in a queue or anything..imagine a situation, in a fancy restaurant, u're with ur guy..then the bills come, both of u take out purse n wallet..n he said 'ladies first'..huhh i'll definitely dump him (aku plak kna bayau ko mkn..hampass!)

  • ermm one day when I'm married..less responsibilities cause got sum1 to rely on..i mean financially..I'll be getting allowances every month..yeay! (wajib bgi kn..tak bgi dosa wooo suami..hahahaha)
  • hmm tade idea suda ni..ape lgi ekk..hmmm..being pregnant n bear children? haha..(keibuan sgttt..geli3)

now..this award goes to any beautiful girls that drop by at my beautiful blog..!! sile2 rakan2 ku..ameklaa...

*we are beautiful..no matter what they say..words can't bring us down..*

Wednesday, April 22

close your eyes..kiss him goodbye & sleep..~

u love someone dearly;

u can't be together for a solid reason;
u keep distance from him..to keep away the feeling;
u delete all his pictures..to delete all the memories;
u keep rebounding someone else..to find someone better;


u can't get him out of your mind;
u can't stop talking about him, sometimes;
u still put his T-shirt on;
& u still got his name in yours....

u didn't notice years passed by;

u didn't know;
u didn't know;
only HE knows why u didn't know..until tonight..
u just found out...
that u had lose him....

(shall i put this clearly..he's no more in this world)

Owh dear~~

don't blame the tears, don't stop laughing;
its okkay tu cry & u laugh to feel better;
don't say your insane coz u're juz a plain jane..

its never a sin to have feelings..~

*owh i dun even know how to put this in words~ my dearest, u know who u are, this poem is for u..im sorry im not good to calm u down, im speechless cause i never felt this before..what i can do is be here & listen to u..what i can do is be here & wait for u to fall asleep ..hmm..dun say that's a lie..U'll be OK! U will~ Whenever Allah put us through something..HE'll definitely get us through it..what matter is to pray & have faith in fate..semua yg jadi ade hikmahnye okkayh..~ love u....~

~ sahabt ksayangnku..we've been through this once..u'll be through it again..in time..
jgn persoalkn rencana Tuhan..jgn ratapi pemergian insan..tabahkn hati kuatkn iman..ini semua dugaan..jgn hilang pertimbangan..hidup masih perlu diteruskn..~ (kte nk peksa ni lalink..chayok2..at least hold it till Monday okkayh)

......just close your eyes..kiss him goodbye..& sleep...just sleep...~~

Monday, April 20

ikan oh ikan..~

hye all...OMG! im supposed to dig into these books now..but the 'feel' is not there yet..bak kate org tu momentum takde..uhuu..transfering pictures from my phone..editing here & there..tadaaaa~ proven, im greater in blogging than in studying..ehehe maybe because this thing aint that serious as reading every lines about curriculum, KBSR n all..owhh..nk muntoh hijau ase..stop merapik sara..continue the story..~

i went home last Thursday, the next day my lil brother also came home..he's a pupil of Sekolah Sains Kuala Sgor..the only SBPian in our siblings..the sis n the bros are products of MARA ya..we throwed tantrums on SBPian..musuh2..woahh..aha joking only..so, that evening he asked me to accompany him..shopim katenye..cik sara berialahh..sekali..adess~ ini ke shopimnye adik oi..

muke gembira nk pi beli ikan..owh, kate nk pakai duit sndiri..tetapla cukai duit cik sara seploh hengget..adik bertuah~ da le drive keta lak tu..dye baru form 2 ye..walhal lalu jek dpn sekolah memandu otw nk balik umah tu..kami mmg kamikaze (berani mati)..klau kna saman gemok oitt..jgn harap ko nk pegang da stereng tu slagi tade lesen..(wahh! si kakak yg bru ade P berlagak..ahaha)
please2..pick any one of your preferences..just one ringgit each fish..quite cheap eh
top left is ikan lampam..top right surely gold fish..below left, another type of goldfish..below right, ikan batik oscar..huu i remember the name vivdly since it really caught my eyes..closer look..see the batik~ owhh sgt kemalaysiaan ikan ni kn..promote batik2 Malaysia..

choosing the best he said~ i was like..'erkk..same jek sume..ape yg gemok pilihnye? ' ehe i guess..i dun understand criteria of high-quality fish..
walking around the petshop n i nearly jump..nearly scream on top of my head when i saw those....eeelll...(mmg patut nma eel..tgk2 mesti eeeuuwww..) mcm tgk gumpalan ular..so..finally..the fishezzz new home sweet home..14 ekor sumenye..7 jantan 7 betina..wahh..mcm pelajar2 akademi fantasia plak ek..
if u noticed, in the picture above, all of the fishes (plural fish is fish/fishes ek..dua2 pn bleyh) stay at the surface of the water..that really remind me of the 'Romeo & Juliette' which have been given to emma. (dua ekor goldfishes yg mati dlm masa sehari sbb tak ckop oksigen..symptom yg sama cam ikan2 kat dlm gmbar atas ni..dok kat surface jek)..like i'd expected, that night, sekor mati..next morning 2 ekor mati..adik pn kalut dahla..so i told him, to buy the machine that will recycle the water n kept the oxygen supply in the water constantly..so, beli laa..he went back to hostel yesterday's eve..that night..another two fish died..this morning before i went back to KL another 2 fish died..7 out of 14 died in 3 days..mengapakah?? masih misteri..owhh mmg mcm akademi fantasia..tersingkir satu persatu..yg masih gagah bertahan menuju puncak (puncak aquarium)..ikan DBKL 2 ekor..ligat ke sana ke mari..hebat3 solute ah~~

little tids bits..~

hello everybody..waaa..hey, i arrived around 2.30 n when i open my blog..woahh! so touched! many comments and shouts have been left for me..wahhh..cik sara dirindui nmpaknye (wakaka..ayat poyto sgt sarah oi)..setiap satu akn dibalas ye..hrmm..so being home had rejuvenated me a bit..eh..a lot..seeing my mom, si gemok, jua kucin2 tersayang..yeah! im smiling all the way..wpun lpas exam cuti jugak..balik jap pn da puas sgt rasanye..

so..d picture below was taken when im on the bus tdi..yg dlm bulatan kuning tu mak & abg yg sulung..sy ade 3 org abg ye..haa? yg dlm bulatn merah tu bukn abg kedua la..caiittt~ itu driver bus yg hampeh! sgtla slow bwk bas..sejak sy form1 lgi jadik pelanggan setia bas Sg.Besar-KL ni..dri ticket harga RM 6.30 smpaila skang dah RM 10.30..pokcik tuh ade..dn kualiti prkhidmatan bas same jek..makin menakowtkann adela kott..huu..nk mogok kang dye tamo anta sy balik KL plak..menangislaahhh...ahaha
yg ni...snaps along the way to KL..owh..sy mmg budak kampung..hijau di sana sini...hehe bendang (sawah), pokok pisang, pokok kelapa, sawit jua..

okkayhla..only this little tids bits can be updated for now...lotihhh~ maw titun jap..just miss blogging..aha..kat umah tenet tade..nk connect wireless kat pokok kelapa kew? klau lah boleyh..sure excellent signal strenght..hahaha..later people..~~

Wednesday, April 15

award from me~ cik sara to all~

yea yea..esok balik umah~ ehe..bubye umah cemara..hello umah kat kg..samat tinggal tilam leper dlm bilik ni..hello katil ku dgn double tilam spring lgi kat umah...weeehuu~ ku maw tidur lena..
ehem3 tpi sebelum itu..ku maw tinggalkn pesann kpada rakan2 cohort 5 yg tak balik..dun be sad its juz 2 weeks away from the semester holiday aite? n surely u ppl who are staying here will study more despite the fact u dun need to fight over all the temptations when you are home...aite?
to the bebayus..tgk2kanlah rakan2 cemaraianz ni..mane thu ttba reput ke ape ke..maklumlah..hri ni je tgk diorg pn ala2 reput jek, sorg melepek cni sorg melepek sana..wakakaka..hemm3..jika sy mendengar crite tetiba kamoo2 ke Gabai sekali lagi smasa ketiadaan sy..uhuk3..cik sara merajuk 1001 hari..ehehe

by the way..byk sgt dpt award dripada rakan2 bloggers tersayang..berbnyak2 terima kaseh cik sara ucapkn..setiap award di hargai dn telah ditepek di dinding blog cik sara yg tak seberapa ni..so, tdi msa tgh tggu masuk waktu Isya' tryla mereka2 award sendiri..sbelum balik kg esok nk jugak tinggalkn buah tgn cenderahati bwat rakan2 tersyg juga rakan2 bloggers yg bru mahupn lama..dn inilah hasilnye..~
originally by me~cik sara..huhuhu..just a simple one..sorry la klau tak chantek..my first trial..huu..so, sbgi tanda penghargaan dn terima kaseh, award diatas ditujukan khas bwat mreka2 yg rajin berkunjung ke blog cik sara..especially to mereka yg rajin berkunjung dn mmpunyai blog yg cik sara shuke kunjungi..(owhh BM ku hancuss)..berikut antara blog yg favourable to me..

(ehe..nama yg first sekali lgi..blog kamoo faberet sbb kte slalu punya luahan rasa yg same..its like u're writing my feelings inside ur blog..hehe~)

..::ckyn ku sayam..::..
(blog kamoo faberet jugak wpun jrg hapdet sbb gaya penceritaan yg besh)

(blog yg penuh crite ketabahan hidup..chayok2 my dearest)

(hemm2..wlaupn blog ini amatlah usang dn pagi tdi gurau ngan yana nk bgi award blog paling usang kat diorg, ttp nk bagi award favourable blog ni..sbb satu mreka my beloved cemaraianz..2- sbb slalu bca snippet luahan jiwang sab yg slalu tak sempat bca dye da delete balik..haha..motiff sab??)

..::adah uchida itachi ::..
(madu aku ni..sah2 la kna shuke blog dye kn..ehehe~ blog yg postnye selalu emosi yee..haha)

(blog fames nih..follower ramai gile..tp ttp rajin komen kat blog cik sara..tq hubhub..haha..blog dye tercalon antara top 5 blog diary llaki terbaik taw..hrap2 mng..good luck..)

(owhh..blog shakespear nih mmgla..mmgla bwat cik sara impress tahap gaban ngan kejiwangan ngan ayat2 dye..)

(ini lah blog dimana cik sara mmperkasakn mengimprove jua mengenrichkn language dn vocabku..)

kepada yg pnh bgi award kat cik sara
..::kak mar::..

blog2 yg sy shuke ikuti
..::farah ada::..
..::lady Z::..
..::cik moonie::..

♥dn buat semua follower cik sara..sbb mmg akan follow balik stiap yg follow cik sara..bile dh follow tu mmg akn di jenguk stiap entry baru..lmbat mn pun mmg cik sara akn singgah..sooo, all of u, my followers have the very right to be given this award..yeayy!
♥wlaupun nama kamoo tidak disenarai putihkan..please2 help urself with this award..kn tajuknye pn award utk semua..sila2...

utk menerima award ini, hnya tampalkan award tersebut di mana2 bahagian blog anda kayh..trimas2..arigato..chen2..syukran jazilan..~~

nota kaki: disebabkn ramai tak fhm arahan..cik sara mansuhkn tros arahan tuh..hahaha..sonang ceghite..komee tampal le sajje ye award tu di blog komee..gembira btol aku melihatnye tertampal di blog komee2 sekalian..ehehe

lunaskan hutang ~ verse 4

the most WONDERFUL blog award..tq INNDAH

i proudly received the above reward from dear http://sheluvsmusic.blogspot.com">..::INDAH::..

seindah namanye..begitu indah juga la orgnye (bukan bodek sbb dye bgi cik sara award taw) btol2 ni..ehehe..she's such a wonderful lady..okkayh, next, im supposed to list down 10 facts about me or hobbies..okiess..here goes:~
  1. i love cats so veeryyy much..once even my friend call me 'eoweow' u know, onomatopeic of a cat..but i don't really into stray cats laa..kotoq naaa..sat g ada kuman..ishh3..
  2. i love cats more than i love kids..ohoho daku sgt berani mengkantoikn diri..hmm maybe sbb jarak ngan adik jauh kot..tpi jujur diakui juga..tgh belajar layan n suka kt budak2..after all im going to be a primary school teacher. of course i want my students to love me..~
  3. im an internet addict (housmet2ku, 2009)..ehehe..sungguh mereka yg bwat statement itu..surfing the net is my most favourite hobby for the time being..ehheee~
  4. i love blogging..~ for sure..klau boleh tu hari2 nk post entry..klau tak kat cni pn..kat my other blog..Qilah Secret Diary..ehe.yg tu nama pn secret kannzz..sah2 la tade sape leyh baca..haaa? bnyk kutuk org? hmm tak jugak..eleh even if yes pn..jgn ckpla korg seme2 ni mulia hatinye tak ngutuk org..kn kn kn? ekeke..biasala tuhh..at least i wrote evrythg there n not spilled it out here or even in front of that person..
  5. i'm preserved as a student (sy pemalu yek kat mktb..wakaka poyto sgtt)..quite dotty as a daughter (mak kate sy anak manja..sy hnya mampu tersengih kerang busuk)..independent as a KL survivor (tak shuke sgt depend kat org or nyusahkn org).. caring as a friend (Sometimes i care too much smpai menda kecik pn nk sibuk..pastu merajuk sndiri..ntah hape2 kannn) & loyal as a lover..(ehee~ wlaupn single lgik but i embrace fidelity when it comes to relationship..owh sy sgt tak pndai melayan lebih dari sorg wpun da cuba bnyak kali..)
  6. sy shuke study..wakaka poyto sekali lagik..taklaa..sy shuke study blog org len..ehee..mmbaca crite2 kesah hidup mreka..perah otak mereka..sonok..~~
  7. i love listening to my favourite songs and sing along (wlaupn rommie slalu perli kate pitching lariii..ade cik sara kesah..ehehe)
  8. sy sgt tak shuke katak..eeuuww..except katakcute laa@ckyn ku sayam..si dia, sy amatttlah syg..
  9. sy sgt shuke mkn tau fu fah..setiap kali pi pasar mlm mesti carik menda ni..
  10. haa..ape lagi..ahha..sy shuke berbowling wpun tak terer mane..sape nk men bowling ngan cik sara? jom3..

next i have to choose 5 people to be given this award..hermmm nk bgi shape la ekkk~
okkayh nk bgi kat

cik nanie..loveispurple
ckyn ku sayam..muahahaha
afida lalink..
paani si eppygurl
B si cimbelang..

okkayh..pda yg dieri award ni..sila2 amek yee..please..do help urself..

lunaskan hutang verse 3..

1. anda rasa anda hot?
im hot n im cold..according to circumstances n whom im dealing with..ehe

2. upload gambar kegemaran anda

3. kenapa anda upload gambar ni?
merekalah permata2 hati sy..penceria hidup dikala ku berduka..pemberi dorongan di kala semangat ku hilang..kakak2 jua2 adik2 (ehemm cik sara paling muda wpun bersaiz kakak..diorg ni kecik2 jek seme) kesygn ku forever..friends forever..

4. bila kali teakhir anda makan piza?
ermm..dlm pertengahan bulan 3 rasenye..ehe..tak ingt plak precisely..makan ngan nana, imah, haiqal n dominic..masa tu pi men cosmo world kat times square..tryla pizza kat Papa John..better than Pizza Hut laaa~

5. lagu terakhir yg anda dengar?
ermm..lagu exist..dengan atau tanpamu..dedikasi khas atas permintaan roomate tersyg..aku yg dok dengar ko plak yg shuke lagu ni ttba kan..konpius i..~

6. apa yang anda buat selain menyiapkan tag ini?
landing..~ maw tidoq..nearly 3 oredi..yet still wanna finish this tagged for my beloved Rabihah..the cute cimbelang..her blog all about cats taw..thats why im really following..cutee sgtt

7. selain nama anda sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan apa?
bnyak nm panggilan sbnrnye cumi (asha kesygn), qilah (teman2 rapat or kwn2 kat tpg dulu), eoweow (azicka kong2), sarah, sara..hmmm..skang shuke jugak org panggil bella..or cekgi sara..cik sara ke..ehee..

8. tag lagi 6 orang
owh..6 ek?

9. siapa no 1 di atas pada anda?
teman persekolahn ketika di MRSM Taiping dolu..dye cumilll~

10.no.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
erkk..tnya tuan diri ekk..cik sara tak taw

11.kata sesuatu berkenaan orang no5 di atas

si gadis comeyl

12.bagaimana pula dengan no 4?
dia adalah kwn baik Liyana Hamdan, klasmet cik sara msa kat mrsm tpg..then, knl dye sbb ritu jln2 kat blog dye..ehe..such a nice girl taw..lovely lady

13.siapakah orang no 2?
ijechan adalah seorg bakal cikgu yg suda maw abes praktikal..cik sara sgt shuke bc blog dye..beshh~

14.pesanan kepada no6?
nina..jwb interview MARA tu leklok naaa...~

lunaskan hutang ~ verse 2

fuhh..done with the first debt, now moving on to the 2nd one..i wonder if i left this n just go home, surely i'll forgot about these tags and awards and all..so i better 'pay' all kan kan kan..so here goes:~
owhh i can't really think in this middle of night..but still~~

1) Chocolate indulgance lagik..
ehe..gambar kat bawah ni msa celebrate birthday yang ke 19..combine skali ngan tiqah, bloved roomie n sygku afida..ehe..budget lebeyh cket, leyhla blanje lebeyh cket wat party tu kan..

2) emm..i want to cook and serve my friends again..cause usually my birthday is during the holiday, i'm home..
ohho..this year sgtt sronottt sambut beday..memula tu sedeh sgtt sbb seme org ckp tanak dtg last menet while ktorg da susah payah masak segalaa~ then, ttp meriahh..sy syg kwn2 sy semua..wink2

3) movie marathon n definitely i won't want to pay..ehee
gmbar di bwah masa tgk slumdog millionaire ngan hubhub n madu no 1..ekeke..

4) play bowling again n again smpai tgn nk tercabut..cam tdik~ shuka shuki ngan kwn2 adalah besh
hari ni men bowling 4 game tros..happy hour, 12 hengget utk 4 game..sgt happy dn sgt penatttt..tgn pn cam nk cabut tp ttp enjoy..~ nk lagi nk lagi..i wonder ape la birthday party package yg Ampang Bowl sediakn ek?

5) since its a birthday..so i want presentss llahh..even an item from Hinode Shop suda okkayh
setiap hadiah..akan dihargai~ (hemm3..kwn2..fhm2 ye pragmatic or maksud tersiratnye..sediakn hadiah kayh..ekeke)

6) sy maw bunga ros merah from my special someone on my birthday..mesti romantis2 gitu kannzz
owhh..i shall not elobrate more on this..fefhm sendirik la ye..tpi for the time being will not come true la kot..yela special sum1 tade ag..sape maw jadik? angkat tgnn..ehehe

7) the biggest teddy bear ever..(wlaupn nenek tak bgi simpan teddy bear..nak jugok..nak jugok..)
gambar tu masa pi padang besar..teddy bear tati..besarrr sgt kn...wahh.nk nak nak..

8) maw celebrate beday ngan jihah lalink..haizz..sehari dua ni riiinndu sgt kat dye taw..apsal ntah..jihah, cpt2 balik Mesia..
tak penah celebrate beday ngan my one and only beloved jihah ni..btolla org ckp, sides by sides or world apart, sincere friend will always close to your heart..jihah dihatiku~~

9) kucim2 yg amat cumil
bermain ngan kucin adelah satu terapi paling best dikala tertekan ngan hidup..sape nk adiahkn kte kucin on my beday??

10) Last but not least..the one i'm really waiting for yet afraid to put too much hope on to it..a gift of love..
maw prince charming...not necessarily phisically charming..but at heart..~~

You guys been TAG!

ermm..sesape yg membaca tag ini n teringin nk jwb..tiada paksaan..sila2..klau free2..blog bersawang tade idea nk hapdet..buleyh sajje..help yourself..

to Lady Z..tq so much tagged me..~

Tuesday, April 14

lunaskn hutang..verse 1

thanx to fitriah for the awards..akan cik sara tampal di dinding blog ku ini..~~

Monday, April 13

nk homsick buleyh tak?? huuu~

weehuu..without even noticed about it, the semester was finally over..now we're in revision week for the upcoming exams
  • 23rd April - Philosophy 40% (yg bnyak sgt3 nk baca..western la eastern laa..KBSR, KSSR segala...waaa...nk muntah nak muntah)
  • 24th April - Linguistic 60% (tekann sbb exam 60%..bnyak tu..i really need to buck up since quiz & assignment..hmm hmm hmm..tak tawlaaa..)
  • 27th April - Teaching Number System 40% (uhukk..kak dahhhh...nk tnya ape ajje la dlm paper math nih..haiizzz)
fuhh..despite the fact that we need to pass up our final assignment on wednesday, many of us already going back home because no class during revision week. at first i was thinking about staying here n really dig into all the books..i called my mom n it goes..~

cik sara: mak, rasa cam tanak balik la mak..nak study bnyak ni..dahla quiz tu hemm cam sikit je markah nye..berlakon hri tu pn..ntah la mak..
mak : emm takpela..takyahla balik camtu..ade kawan kn?
cik sara : (erkkk, mak, last time im going back was like years agooo..) takpeke tak balik? lame dah sarah tak balik kn?
mak : laa..klau sarah nk balik mak lgila suke. tp kalau tak balik pn tak ape..blajar jela..nti da lepas peksa cuti lama dh kan..

ehee...i thought my mom doesn't want me to go home..(nak merajuk da ngan mak..ehehe). she's such one understanding mother ever. takde ape yg tak pernah dingumpatkn dgn mak..and..for that reason....~ nak balik umah! kejap pn takpela..maw jupe mak..rindu rindu rindu..huuu~ mintak restula kononnye before exam. yela..tak psycho ke tgk semua org balik kg kn..even yg dok sabah sarawak pn da selamat terbang pulang..sy yg dok Sabak Bernam je pn tamo balik ke? motiff cik sara??? huuu..tros homesick jdiknye..sokkay, i won't even turn on d TV when im home (erkk, mampu ke ni?) ehee~ chayok2 cik sara..!

ni la view dri bwh umah..dok kat buaian..layan angin sepoi2 language~ wahh beshnye..nak balik nak balik..

inilah buaian yg dah turun temurun kat ctu..i still remember when my late father bought it, i was just 5 years old..wpun sudah usang..masih bertahan taw..tempat faberet kucin2 cik sara tido ni..

aha..kenangn kat parit ni..dolu my bro pnh jatuh dlm ni n nearly drown taw..wpun air paras pinggang dye jek..ekeke tula kalut sgt..cik sara mampu gelakkn ajje..hahaha

ahaa..mesti tertanya2 kn menda ape bwh ni..nmanye mentarang..mudah didapati kat tepi2 jln on d way back home..bnyak sgt org jual..ianye mcm kerang or kepah versi besar cket..cengkerang pn besar n lebih seksa nk bersihkn..

camnila dlmnye..rebus biasa cam rebus kerang tu..then cecah ngan sambal kicap..sedap katanye..rsanye ala2 kerang campur rasa lala..tpi cik sara pn tak mkn sgt..ntahle..bukan favorite laa..ekeke takut lorr.besar sgtt~
nota kaki: balik kg mode...~ yea yea yea..maw siapkn reflection, kemas buku n kemas bag..bubye KL for a while..don't miss me..(ehemm lame tak guna ayat last ni..ehehe)

Sunday, April 12

recapp ~ The Clever Little Didi

Fuhh..what a nite..trying so hard writing the reflection for Songs & Poetry workshop and also the Plays & Drama Performance..huhh..enough of academic thinging for tonight~ let me spilled something more casual more leisure here please:~

On the 9th of April, we were the only group that presented our drama entitled 'The Clever Little Didi', due to inevitable reason (watak utama yg juge best actress of all the Cohort 5, admitted to HUKM). The others had presented theirs on the 1st. yet, we still be strong, made last minute ammendments and performing with just 4 of us instead of 5 like the others. the others were presenting their drama in front of the kindergartens n year 2 students but we only got to present in front of 'kanak2' aged 21..(tq 4 being such lovely audiences, fellow Cohor 5) Hmm..frankly quite sad with the lecturers comments, many flaws in our performance they said. Then when i rationalise back..hmm..no one to blame..redha saje~ ape yg penting sudah cuba yg terbaik. kn kn kn? so anyhow..kodak momentos: ~~

masa practice kat dewan serbaguna Cemara~ Si putih, Little Didi & Si Tompok watching Tomok's performance masa OIAM..motifff?? perlu ke pakai mask semua2 tu lagi? ekeke..kiut sgtt mereka..Karl Benz (pasan la ni..org yg panggil haiqal ngan nama ni pn satu..pggil la kangkung ke kari ke..hee~) @ Si Tompok yg gedik sgtt @ the leader yg berwibawa @ the director yg menyeksakn dn demanding..huu penat nk satisfied kn dye ni..btol tak groupmates ku? ngee~~
mesti dye ckp: alaa..utk kebaikn ko jugak..
sy pn jwb: iyela2..mekaseyh..huuu~

me~ the narrator..no more cik sara for a while..Bella the Butterfly seketika:~

senjata rahsia kami..masih ingat lgi satu seminar room 'wooo!' 'wahhh!' 'fuiiyyooo!' bila nmpak telinga si tikus ni menyala..ehe..menarik kn? n d ironi bit is ianye cuma berharga dua hengget~

"Expression tu lebih cket! gedik lebih sket!"
"Suara kuat lagi!"
"Stress kat certain part..klau tak boring..ko ckp satu2..!"
"hello everyone, pause, hello boys, pause, hello girls, pause lagi..!"
"ko menari cam nak tak nak aje..camni..!"
"Bergerak tu mcm butterfly siket!"
(diatas adalah antara petikan suara2 yg menghantuiku selagi drama tak perform lagi..wahh tertekan~~ ehe)
hasilnye: ckop expression tak tuan director?

snaps of the performance~ni la Afida lalink, best actress Cohort 5 during Pygmalion..hmm but below pictures taken mase story telling performance last sem kat SK Seri Tasek..Burbo the Witch..owh, btw fida da kuar dri HUKM..yeayy! kami happy =)

nota kaki: tokleyh tido..overdose of caffein kot? ehehe..kayh nk sambung mereflect~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello all..

this blog in the first place was created just as a hobby where i dump all the chronicles of my thoughts, my memories, my words, my opinions and everything that i would like to share with all my readers..but now there are soo many readers that keep following me..thanx a lot..i appreciate all of you dearly..generally this is just my personal reflection on anything that's happening around me..

hence, if anything that i'd spilled here were offensive to you, do let me know, to err is human right? you can leave or stop reading my blog if you find it not in your interest & i would like to apologize in advance if any contents of this blog are not appeal to you..

i appreciate so much every viewers, silent readers and readers, thanks a lot..keep visiting okkayh..

Lots of ♥♥, me~


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