Monday, November 4

Dark, Dry

Assalamualaikum, good day to all. hoyeah! tomorrow is holiday. Salam Maal Hijrah 1435H to all. Lets make this new year as a platform for us to improve ourselves, our attitude, our beliefs and all the good values that we can think of.  Being an adult isn't easy, especially when all the temptations keep lurking and inviting us to 'eat the bait' (reminder to self especially).

Since Friday it has been dark. Yup, literally dark. and dry. Yup, literally dry. the electrivity keeps shutting off and on like chipsmore's cookies tagline, 'sekejap ad sekejap takde'. which is annoying and a pain in the a**. the weird thing about the electricity around here is that it will cause the water supply to be low as well and eventually no water at all. Been a while since i haven't take a bath for 12 hours straight. Homaii i smell horrible! Alhamdulillah the water come back running again by the end of the day. Even though the colour is a bit like 'teh tarik' tak ckup susu. Hurmm..

Being in the shoes of teachers who had been posted to the rural area that can be entitled p2 and p3 make me feel lucky and full of gratitude. Despite of all the hardship that I'm facing here, there are always someone somewhere out there who're in the worse condition than I am.

Okkay peeps, Salam Maal Hijrah. Enjoy tomorrow's holiday and be good okkay!

p/s: I'm missing my other half like hell. Keep counting, 11 more days to school holiday! Jyeahh!

  people say love is hell, a shiny prison cell where the time stops but the door is unlocked ~~ if only, Jon Mclaughin

Lots of big beating heart emoticon

Sunday, November 3

Come Back~!

Assalamualaikum wbt, selamat malam..  hai peeps, been a while. My last post was actually february 2012.

I nearly forgotten my blog's password once i tried to login. Luckily my lappy haven't forgot my password *luckily i didn't ask it to forget the password. 

Anyhow, a bit catching up, fast forward on things. I'm now posted to teach in Sarawak. yep, u read it correctly, Sarawak. Particularly, Matu, Daro, Sarawak. The first time for me to hear those places too. It was an interesting, painful, inspiring, and all the mix feeling and emotion roller coaster i've been having all my life.

Will try to update the blog to share the experience, to share them with my readers but mainly for myself. It have been a wonderful experience that will be wasted without any reflection or record about it.

That's all for now. See u soon.furrballpandaemoticon

 ♫ If I keep holding out, will the light shine through? Under this broken roof, it's only rain that I feel I've been wishing out the days, come back  ~~   Come Back, Pearl Jam 

Cute Kitten animated emoticon = lame tak tulis blog rasa kekok pulak. dahlee home layout bagai dh baru. hahahahaa belasah laa labu..

lots of big beating heart emoticon

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello all..

this blog in the first place was created just as a hobby where i dump all the chronicles of my thoughts, my memories, my words, my opinions and everything that i would like to share with all my readers..but now there are soo many readers that keep following me..thanx a lot..i appreciate all of you dearly..generally this is just my personal reflection on anything that's happening around me..

hence, if anything that i'd spilled here were offensive to you, do let me know, to err is human right? you can leave or stop reading my blog if you find it not in your interest & i would like to apologize in advance if any contents of this blog are not appeal to you..

i appreciate so much every viewers, silent readers and readers, thanks a lot..keep visiting okkayh..

Lots of ♥♥, me~


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