Tuesday, June 16

turn over a new leaf

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. n hello everyone..warning ek entry ini agak pnjang dn merapu..okkayh on9 ni actually nk recheck jek registeration..thanx to Sabrina @ Sabbymon yg dh tolong register kn..(mane URL blog u ni?? i tak dpt masuk lgi) ngatkn tdi tokleh kuar coz kna jga my granny then mak bgi kluar..ape lgi..laju jekla pi start henjin keta..hak3..so these are my new subjects for next sem:
  • Thinking & Communication Skill
  • Child Pshychology
  • Approach for teaching ESL (English as 2nd Language)
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Speaking
  • Geometry n Measurement (minor math)
what to expect? hrmm they sound like drier subjects compared to last sem, so hardwork, determination n perseverence i guess?

nway, this sem had been the weirdest one or shall i say the quitest one. i don't even know what my roomate got for her exams despite of all the 'heart to heart' msgs..my housmates, even the closer one to me, i don't know either..i don't even ask cause they seem to avoid the asking n somehow i respect their privacy. actually i've been quite silence myself for im a bit upset with mine..at last, i told myself, life is like a wheel, sumtimes u're on top but if u stay there for too long, gayat nti..hahaha..hence, i'd decided to face my downfall for the sake of rejuvenation n boosting my spirit. i keep it silence for a while n now im telling everyone n i want to be proud of it..
click to enlarge the pic

yeah, 3.68..jatuh gedebuk la cause last sem i got 3.88..my mom is pretty upset, she expect much from me..then after pitiful whining that goes like..'alaa..sarah tak dpt 3.5 above pn dua kali jek mak, masa f1 ngan msa foundation dulu..lgipn kurang 0.02 jek nk dpt dekan..sape soh UM letak grade tggi sgt..' then, she slackened off a bit..hehe

to those who managed to stay in the dean list for both sem, congrats! u guys roxx!..to those who had done better n hit the dean list, congrats!! u goys roxx! to those who're falllliiiiiinnngggg, last sem dpt dean dis sem tak dpt (mcm sy) sokkay..we cud try n do better next sem..chayok3..jgn patah semangat okies...n di kesempatan ini juga nk ucapkn berbnyak time kaseh to everyone that had been helping me go through dis sem, mom (for the nags n support), lecturers (utk sume ilmu yg dicurahkn) , my housmates (for morale support juga gelak ketawa..korg best lah) , haiqal (tq credit me in ur blog, feel honoured), friends..sume2 lah...frankly, nk bayangkn 3.5 pn susah after the C- for linguistic asiment, markah kuiz yg hampeh2 belaka n my 'wonderful' attitude..hence i think i can say that im proud wid my result..

as regard to the title, i really mean it. somehow or rather, last sem has been a bad sem for me. i mean my attitude, i dunno what gets into me. cheating, cursing, pretending, talking bad about other people, seniors, friends, even lecturers (well, im no angel, n they said confession is good for the soul)..hrmmm evil, grudge, cruelty did give satisfaction sometimes but were they worth it? a person had said to my face, there's always consequences for every action n she's damn true. ermm Shakespear said 'what is done cannot be undone'honestly, the repent was really hoped to be accounted.

so, here i am, down to Earth, sincerely from the very bottom of my heart, want to apologize to every soul that i've ever harmed, every body that i've hurt n every heart that i've ever break..i'm really, truly deeply sorry..lets turn over a new leaf, shall we?

nota kaki: entry yg pnjang dn agak melancholy..huhu jiwa kacau lah katakan..sorry ek..ehe~~

Tuesday, June 9


hye everyone..huhh...tired of something, angry about something, sad and fed up about other things, so here i am, finding some quiet, peaceful sweet escape..sometimes things just dont go our way n its matter of adapting all over again yet what if we cudnt even hold it anymore? is it appropriate to burst over something childish..God..here i am, whining when im not supposed to..so sorry..

okkayh3..enough merepek..here's d thing..entry kali ni..hrmm 18 SG cket ekk..sajje nk bgi korg cuci mata pastu everyone will go euuww! eiii! yukss! or wateva..haha..i received an email from mr. kyox months ago n looking back at it, i decided to share it with all of u..yeah! ouch! i cant believe what people wud do just to be pretty (erkk, chantek kew?? looks weird to me..) or maybe they just want to be different (is it necessary? necessarily cuckoo..hahaha..dis girl really got guts u know, lengan tu penuh tattoo da) well i guess some people just got dis peculiar sense of beauty isn't it? who am i to judge~ erkk so sorry bout d piccas..d internet is damn slow n d waiting is killing me, so i uploaded it on small scale to make it a bit faster..(hehe..da berjaya upload as large..finally..)

this is the carving process..d peeling of ur skin process..ouch! ouch! ouch! huuu..u see..she's drinking orange juice some more..Gosh! dat looks painful..or painfool~ hoho
and how am i ever dreamed of becoming a doctor when i wanna puke just seeing this?? tak sanggupnyeeee...im damn scared seeing wounds..nk muntah nk pengsan..erkk..
erkk..so much of tattoo nowadays? this is more daring i shall say..its her peels of skin taw..aduii mcm buah epal nye kulit kna kupas kn..check out those blades..urgghh! eerie..scary..filthy dn yg sewaktu dgnnye lah..huhu~ni healing process nye..merah2 muka minah salleh ni..nangeh sakan kot ek..aduii..ouch! ouch! ouch! lgik..huuu

the healing process..luka2 tu dh kering..erkk..is this really worth it..
dan inilah hasilnye..like what is said in the mail..'now, who wanna get 1?' definitely not me..huhuhu...

the thing is called 'skin carving'..another type of tattooing...(like tattooing isnt enough for her..penuh dh kat lengan tu kn)..teringat lak zaman skolah dulu subjek pendidikan seni kn ade wood carving..luka2 tgn masing2 mengukir kayu..n i can't believe people can got the idea to do dat on human skin..Gosh! like i said some people just exotically peculiar (is there such term? haha..) wateva it is..

well..just a little update for now..bak kate karl..at least update gak..klau tak dok bwh skali dlm list blog dye yg berjuta tu kn..hehe..okies..i better get going..nk singgah pasar malam ni..sape nk ikut? jum3..hehe

pada yg masih bercuti njoy ur holidays peeps..sape yg amatlah rajin bekerja..keep going n earn dat paycheck to survive next sem sblum dpt elaun..huhu..pada yang jadi surirumah cam cik sara..jalankn tugas dgn dedikasi dn bersemangat..(owh sometimes dat reverse psychology just wont work anymore! Garn!)..jaga diri semua..panjang umur bertemu lgi kte..insyaAllah..~

im d oracle in my chest, let the guitar scream like a fascist, sweat it out, shut your mouth, i dont care what u think as long as its about me and the best of us can find happiness in misery.. ~~ i don't care- fall out boy

nota kaki: A little extra wisdom never goes amiss as long as u feel the ground you are stepping on..chayok3!

Tuesday, June 2

ape jdi bila rajin on9 ttba senyap..~

assalamualaikum w.b.t. everyone..i miss my blog n i miss on9 but im home now..i cant go down to cc everyday to update my blog aite? ni pn juz entry simple tanpa gmbar..so sorry..im back in action early july ni insyaAllah..kelas start 6 july katenye..nway..just nk share ngan everyone laa.ape jdi bila rajin on9 n ttba senyap..
  • owh my..email berjuta..(ok aku exaggerate..seribu jek..hehe) my yahoomail utk ym, just notification for blog thinging je so not very surprising la to see 20 mails..satu g akaun yahoo utk segala haram jadah yg len (facebook, fenster, cikguroxs, tagged, hi5, GTO, mrsm dan yg sewaktu dgnnyelaa..)..suda ade 1035 mails..well maybe there are important people out there who'll said..well, whats d big deal? ahaha..i know its theoritically not..im juz surprised..first time unread msgs mencecah angka tu kn..of course straight away i headed for d delete all icon..erkk..kdg2 pelik gak rangkaian2 net ni kn..if my fren send a comment to another fren..what is dat got to do with me? rsanye takyah notify pn tape kot..huuu..tp layannzzz jek la...
  • ramai tertanya2 ke mana menghilang nye cik sara..owh sgt poyto (poyto is a kind of poyo ek..hehe) ayat ni..touching lorr...cik sara tak kemana2 laa..sedang bercuti di kampung halaman jek..tenet takde kat umah..so turun cc bru boleh on9..n clearly tak rajin turun cc slalu..keje surirumah bnyak..so mereput jela sy kat umah tuuu..
  • entries blog2 org suda bnyak tertinggal..huuu one of my hobby ni follow blog org bc cerita hidup diorg, cerita chenta for d emo ones, sajak2 besh utk shakespear ones, n gambo2 yg terbabom chantek ar..for d poytografer..(oppsie..'sengaja'..haha) tak fhm? okkay..tak perlu fhm..sile bc next point..
  • komen tertinggal..ohho klau rajin la (selalunye agak rajinla jugak), cik sara shuke ngomen kt blog org..u know, i like people comments on my entries, dats mean they really read my entry to leave their 2 cents kn..so i might as well do da same for others..uhuk3..btw, incik haiqal..suda daku baca komen yg ko maksudkn tuss..like i care my ex in ur team..n paani lalink..aku tak marah sbb dye kalahkn mktb kite..laaa..menang kalah adat bertanding kn..mrsm taiping pn ade glory tersendiri..tp aku nk hangin kt ex aku jek..bahas terer smpai johan seluruh mrsm tp dye nye cakap satu pn tokleh pakai..pirraahh! (ehem3..emosi jap) ehehe..boleh kn paani kn? hik3
  • berita lmbat smpai..yela..klau on9 tu ape2 seme org buzz jek kn..ni cik sara kat umah tade sape pn buzz pasal result..result dh kuar smlm tp dis morning bru dpt msg from haiqal coz he asked my result of course..(u beat me by....erkk..ko share ngan sume org kn result ko? tak jdi bitaw..hehe..nway i dun tell anyone yet..kuciwa niss..tak dpt dean list) btw, cik sara sibuk sakan la msg sejuta org (ok, aku exeggarate lgi..yg terdekat jekla..hehe) bitaw da boleh check result n tarikh register course is 8 june..sekali semua org reply yg diorg da tau pn result diorg semlm lgi..or diorg da taw yg da boleh check result wpun tak check ag..aiyooo....~~ sedih..asal my fon sunyi sepi jek semlm??tapela3...diorg lupa kt aku la tu..aduii...lupa kt aku..sedihnye ayat tu..sob3...
okkayhla..got to go..melangkah dgn kekecewaan ni..huhu..nway,~ take care ek sume...panjang umur bertemu lagi insyaAllah..~~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello all..

this blog in the first place was created just as a hobby where i dump all the chronicles of my thoughts, my memories, my words, my opinions and everything that i would like to share with all my readers..but now there are soo many readers that keep following me..thanx a lot..i appreciate all of you dearly..generally this is just my personal reflection on anything that's happening around me..

hence, if anything that i'd spilled here were offensive to you, do let me know, to err is human right? you can leave or stop reading my blog if you find it not in your interest & i would like to apologize in advance if any contents of this blog are not appeal to you..

i appreciate so much every viewers, silent readers and readers, thanks a lot..keep visiting okkayh..

Lots of ♥♥, me~


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