Wednesday, February 15

Singapura : Not the Island

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. hello everyone. Today, I would like to share with you about Singapura. Yep, as we’re aware of, Singapore is a neighborhood country located near JB.

However, the Singapura that I’m referring to is actually a breed of cat. A unique and special breed; the Singapura is the smallest breed of cat. The adult female can weigh only 4 pounds. (I first thought a munchkin is the smallest cat) No actual proof and there has been some issues and doubt that the breed comes from Singapore. So, maybe it just got its name because it is small, like Singapore.

The breed is actually the mix of the famous Burmese cat and the Abyssinian cat and tarraaa! A Singapura is born.

It is so little that u feel like u’re having a kitten and not an adult cat. What more special is that a Singapura has a unique personality which is playful and energetic that maintain even when they’re already an adult. Interesting huh?

The distinctive features of this cat is its face. Cuba tgk btol2, mata dy bolat2, hidung pendek cket which makes the eyes closer to the nose.. then tinge besar cam antena kt atas dy, comeeyy kn? hehe

Physically, a Singapura has big broad eyes and wide face that makes it looks so cute with its little body.

cats 101 on a Singapura:

catpaws: teringin nak ade kuceng2 pure breed camni tapi mahal sgt n susah na crik breeder yg okay kt Malaysia ni. Kalau slh breed, kesian kt nyiaw2 ni, sng ad disease n all. kan ke rugi beli mahal2 then tak smpi stahun mati suda..

Sunday, February 12

catching up~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t n hi everyone..long time no see, hope everyone is doing fine..

So there goes my 4 months holiday, right after I finished my practicum, 14 October 2011 until the add drop week in UM begins, 13 February 2012. Staying at home for 4 months made me decided to write again. I kinda miss it.

My last update was March 15, 2011. Well, I never take blogging seriously anyway, just an activity to pass the time. Hence, once a year update is not a sin I guess (laughing evilly)

I got the result for my practicum two days ago and it’s not that good. Figures~ I did complain a lot, whining about how I’m unfortunate to be sent to that school, but honestly, I did not do my best so mmg padan muka sayelah.. haha Thank God the credit hours are only 6, therefore my downfall did not really affect the CGPA. Just like Haiqal said, being an ex-MRSM student really make me concern about CGPA. I know I still can graduate and be a teacher even with 3.00, but when you’re all about cgpa since you’re 13, it feels like a slap on your face to see such numbers. Nevertheless, that line is my acceptance line, “it’s okay, you can still be a teacher.” Hurm, it sounds pathetic though. huhu

Anyway, the new semester starts tomorrow, and it will be my final semester to complete my degree in teaching English as a second language (TESL). Wow, time does fly effortlessly. It has been a long 6 years. To be frank, being on a long holiday make my mind not really ‘up’ to another semester, and knowing our fellow PISMP batch all has been posted to their respective school, made me feel kinda left out, I guess most of my friends feel the same. Hopefully we’ll get there.. soon..

Will write again. Take care peeps~

meow2: lapo, na lunch ape eh rini?

when you try your best but you don't succeed, when you get what you want but not what you need..~~ fix you, coldplay

Bundles of ♥,


it's painful, emotional, yet some point in your life you had to deal with it. Whether you loss a family member, a fren, a pet, or you just lost your own battle..

but do you know that there are five stages of grief?
not everyone will experience the stages chronologically or all the five stages but majority people did.

1) denial - we will practically denying the loss."this can't be happening", "it's just a dream"

2) anger - emotional outburst "Why me? It's not fair!", "It's definitely his fault"

3) bargaining - this is when all the 'if's come in.. "If i do this, i could save him", "If i do that, things will happen differently"

4) depression - realizing u can undone things that happen and you become depress and sad and sometimes pathetically. "I'm damn sad, you better stay away if you don't have anything nice to say"

5) acceptance - in this last stage, we finally able to accept the loss and begin to be positive again. "It's going to be okay", "I can get through this".

the better we understand this stages, the easier we can go through grieving because we understand what we are going through personally. This definitely helps our intrapersonal skill.

p/s: bersedih tntang sesuatu, but i think i've done grieving. Letting go and moving on!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello all..

this blog in the first place was created just as a hobby where i dump all the chronicles of my thoughts, my memories, my words, my opinions and everything that i would like to share with all my readers..but now there are soo many readers that keep following me..thanx a lot..i appreciate all of you dearly..generally this is just my personal reflection on anything that's happening around me..

hence, if anything that i'd spilled here were offensive to you, do let me know, to err is human right? you can leave or stop reading my blog if you find it not in your interest & i would like to apologize in advance if any contents of this blog are not appeal to you..

i appreciate so much every viewers, silent readers and readers, thanks a lot..keep visiting okkayh..

Lots of ♥♥, me~


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