Sunday, February 12


it's painful, emotional, yet some point in your life you had to deal with it. Whether you loss a family member, a fren, a pet, or you just lost your own battle..

but do you know that there are five stages of grief?
not everyone will experience the stages chronologically or all the five stages but majority people did.

1) denial - we will practically denying the loss."this can't be happening", "it's just a dream"

2) anger - emotional outburst "Why me? It's not fair!", "It's definitely his fault"

3) bargaining - this is when all the 'if's come in.. "If i do this, i could save him", "If i do that, things will happen differently"

4) depression - realizing u can undone things that happen and you become depress and sad and sometimes pathetically. "I'm damn sad, you better stay away if you don't have anything nice to say"

5) acceptance - in this last stage, we finally able to accept the loss and begin to be positive again. "It's going to be okay", "I can get through this".

the better we understand this stages, the easier we can go through grieving because we understand what we are going through personally. This definitely helps our intrapersonal skill.

p/s: bersedih tntang sesuatu, but i think i've done grieving. Letting go and moving on!

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