Wednesday, February 15

Singapura : Not the Island

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. hello everyone. Today, I would like to share with you about Singapura. Yep, as we’re aware of, Singapore is a neighborhood country located near JB.

However, the Singapura that I’m referring to is actually a breed of cat. A unique and special breed; the Singapura is the smallest breed of cat. The adult female can weigh only 4 pounds. (I first thought a munchkin is the smallest cat) No actual proof and there has been some issues and doubt that the breed comes from Singapore. So, maybe it just got its name because it is small, like Singapore.

The breed is actually the mix of the famous Burmese cat and the Abyssinian cat and tarraaa! A Singapura is born.

It is so little that u feel like u’re having a kitten and not an adult cat. What more special is that a Singapura has a unique personality which is playful and energetic that maintain even when they’re already an adult. Interesting huh?

The distinctive features of this cat is its face. Cuba tgk btol2, mata dy bolat2, hidung pendek cket which makes the eyes closer to the nose.. then tinge besar cam antena kt atas dy, comeeyy kn? hehe

Physically, a Singapura has big broad eyes and wide face that makes it looks so cute with its little body.

cats 101 on a Singapura:

catpaws: teringin nak ade kuceng2 pure breed camni tapi mahal sgt n susah na crik breeder yg okay kt Malaysia ni. Kalau slh breed, kesian kt nyiaw2 ni, sng ad disease n all. kan ke rugi beli mahal2 then tak smpi stahun mati suda..

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