Friday, April 23

thanks for the memories..

wink2...i suda tukar mana? ada wow! tak?? len dok cbuk dh study utk next paper, cik sara cbuk plak salin baju blog dy..ape kess? ntahhlaa pe kes nyee..gedik kott..hehh

now, moving on to d real post..hurmm..i was in a search for a picture sumwhere in my folder n i found these pictures..Photobucket mmula cm tade feel pstu sayu plak asenye those who knew bout d conflict u might get d idea..but for those who don't, lets play a guessing game here..Photobuckethehee..

yesterday, u wud be sum1 i ran to when i have problems or any other 'secrets' dat we usually share together...but today..

yesterday, we share stories, funny stories, love stories, gossiping, just about anything, but today...

yesterday, u were the only friend that had ever received a yellow rose from me as a sign of eternal friendship, but today..

yesterday, i saw u throw away that dry flower..i was mad, Photobucketbut i wasn't dat mad..but today..

yesterday, i smile Photobucketeverytime i look at my make-up pouch since it's from u, but today..

yesterday, u were listed in my 8pax, in my activ10..but today...

yesterday, i enjoyed teasing u, have a good laugh, since ur rare, ur special attitude, give me a good laugh, but today..

yesterday, i..we always crave for a picture of the 7 of us n treasure it so much since it wud be so hard to be able to take that picture..but today..

yesterday, we always have this unsatisfactory among each other but we keep it close to ourselves because we're so afraid to break the special bonding between d 7 of us, but today...

yesterday, i enjoyed seeing u diligently cooking in the kitchen even though u rarely offer us the food unless we asked for it, but today...

yesterday, i never worried of not finishing my food since i wud happily share some wid u, but today..

yesterday, i smile viewing all these pictures since the 6 of u have always been my friends, n secretly, like sisters to me..sisters, dat i will tolerate as long as i could...~ but today...

today, there's no more 7 but only 6..

today, i sat in front of u, behind u but i dun even look at u..Photobucketwe're like strangers

today, i hate those words 'friendship never ends', 'love is for a moment but friends are forever'..because i feel those words are betraying me..hurting me deep down inside..Photobucket

today, i'm juz a kid wid a big ego..Photobucketi wud never come to put down the fire dat u started by apologizing cause i'm still putting all the blame on u for not being brave enough to face ur wrongdoings..

but today, particularly today, Photobucketi miss you..i miss those yesterdays with u..
i really do..

Lots of ♥♥♥, me~
meow2~~: heee..geli plaks kn romantik2 nih, kasik Photobucket cket..hee but really, i mean it every word written here..hope things will get better btween us. i hope she-who-must-not-be-named will read dis..but i dun wanna tell n my big ego..~~ aihh..

It's too big, it's too wide...It's too strong, it won't fit..It's too much, it's too tough..I talk like this 'cause I can back it up..I got a big ego, such a huge ego..~~ ego, beyonce knowles..


kyox said...

suka entry ini...harap dapat belajar dari sarah..sebab ego saya besar juga~~ni bukan perli tau, serious..XD

Qarl said...

suke la entry nih


agak2 dia baca?

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

kyox..~ takkn tade ego langsung ke manusia perfect cmtu? n my big ego..

haiqal~ part mane yg ko suke tuh? huhuuu..ermm ntahlaa..tak kutt..

LoveIsPurple said...

sarah, honestly i feel like crying when i read this entry..though i'm not one of u guys, but i knew deep inside in all of you you did miss her, yeah, same to me. i missed her too. i miss the 7 of u..

just hope u to be strong k,..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello all..

this blog in the first place was created just as a hobby where i dump all the chronicles of my thoughts, my memories, my words, my opinions and everything that i would like to share with all my readers..but now there are soo many readers that keep following me..thanx a lot..i appreciate all of you dearly..generally this is just my personal reflection on anything that's happening around me..

hence, if anything that i'd spilled here were offensive to you, do let me know, to err is human right? you can leave or stop reading my blog if you find it not in your interest & i would like to apologize in advance if any contents of this blog are not appeal to you..

i appreciate so much every viewers, silent readers and readers, thanks a lot..keep visiting okkayh..

Lots of ♥♥, me~


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